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where we are + what we’re building

Today we’re a presence on social media (Instagram is our main jam) telling the stories of instructors in our home town of Boston and creating deeper connections across instructors, students and studios. While we’re jamming on all this content, we’re also building an app that will allow you to connect with your favorite instructors, follow their activities and schedules, and book classes within the platform. We’ll help you keep up with your favorites and also give you some new ideas of who else you might like to try. By bringing together classes from curated instructors across studios and activities, we’re able to give you a total view of what’s out there. Once we’re up and running, you will no longer have to visit 5 sites/apps when you find yourself downtown with a few hours free and a hanker for sweat. You’ll just hop on the Coeo app, filter by activity and location and boom… your craving will be satisfied.




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Our Story

Scarlet enrolled in yoga teacher training in 2016, as a means to renew her voice and dig more deeply into a long-time passion. During the 200-hour training, there was a 2-hour lecture on the “business of yoga” that boiled down to the direction to new instructors to start a website, build their Instagram handle, and show up for auditions in two months. Knowing that the instructor is the most powerful part of a class experience, Scarlet went home to start her website. But after an evening of hammering away at her keyboard, she knew there had to be a better way. A few months later she started Coeo, a platform for instructors to build their personal brands and draw the fitness community closer together.



we are @coeo_fitness



The team


Community. Camaraderie. Sweat.

Put that all together and you get our culture.

We like to call it #positivebadassary.


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